Menu iPad app
This iPad menu application was designed in collaboration with a restaurant in India to give them a hi-tech alternative to their traditional based menu.
This site was designed to be the 'go to place' for Harrods' press releases. It needed to get straight to the point and be visually appealing for jounalistic use.
The logo for Orange Juice Studios needed to convey sofistication and character. After all, a company that plans to develop killer apps needs a killer logo to boot.
The Review, an online magzine from Harrods built in HTML5. It was designed to give the customer a gives a rich user experience with lush imagrey, video and interactive elements.
Raconteur is a leading European publisher of special interest content. The design needed to be as inspiring as the articles are and easy to navigate.
The French Laundry at Harrods site was created using HTML5, CSS and jQuery. The design is based on the official restaurant website which was made in Flash.
An exceptional personal shopping service provided by Harrods to its best clients. The design needed to convey luxury and sophistication as well as being easy to use.
It was important to make this app as easy to use as possible. The user interface of the iPhone and iPad app were first sketched and then designed in Photoshop.
An arts communication website incorporating a single page design with Blog integration. The site uses Typography and jQuery elements to enhance the user experience.
The website for Sequel Group was a colaborative process involving designers and writers. The site is an evolving project which incorprates Flash animation and jQuery elements.
Subtv - Local Content System
This web interface allows university unions to upload adverts and control the look of the screens. The site incorporates jQuery elements and is powered by ColdFusion.
Sub.tv - iPhone concept mockup
A concept website mockup for an iPhone app designed as a tool for students to organise their Universrity life. The iPhone interface artwork was all part of the design process.
This was intended as the client facing website for Sub.tv Info, a Digital Signage solution used primarily in University Student Unions and more recently in retail stores across the country.